Titre : Grosses coupures ou billets à valeur faciale adaptée ? Analyse retrospective de la réforme de l’éventail fiduciaire congolais en 2012 et leçons

Auteur (s) : Bobo B. KABUNGU

Abstract :

In the Congolese collective memory, the injection of new banknotes, especially with high face value, is a harbinger of rampant inflation and a depreciation of the national currency. The unfortunate experiences of the 1990s are at the origin of the psychological equality “big bills = rising prices”. However, the adaptation of the fiduciary range that took place in 2012 showed that the methodical introduction of a new range of paper money can be painless for the economy and provide it with certain advantages. More than ten years after this success, this article reviews the strategies put in place at the time to achieve it. It highlights the consolidation of macroeconomic stability and a communication strategy thanks to which the expectations of economic agents have ceased to be retrospective to become forward-looking.

Editeur : RECOSH

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