Titre : L’université congolaise, à l’heure de la réingénierie culturelle

Auteur (s) : Alphonse MIEMA BONGO

Abstract :

With the evolution of society and technologies, the world of the 21st century is a world in perpetual change. This change is seen in the areas; political, social, economic, cultural, etc. The field of education, being a priority area due to its training of the bearers of these changes, is not spared from this rapid change. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has embarked on a process of democratization for several years. This openness to democracy has enabled this country to implement several reforms affecting multiple areas. In the field of education, considered the torchbearer of the country’s development, large-scale reforms have been made to try to make the Congolese education system efficient. Despite this desire and these multiple reforms, the Congolese university system is described by several researchers as being in crisis. The problems that prevent it from performing well are as numerous as they are varied. For several decades, organizations, experts and researchers both in the Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere have sought to understand this educational crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Several solutions but the system is the same until now.

Editeur : RECOSH

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