Titre : Consommation du bois-énergie et vulgarisation des foyers améliorés dans le quartier Kivu à Kinshasa/Masina

Auteur (s) : Placide Macaire Kumpel Munoro et Dieudonné Kinwa Mandjasha

Abstract :

Energy needs are one of the sources of wood consumption in the world in general and in the least developed countries in particular, where cooking has remained essentially traditional in villages and on the outskirts of major centres. In urban areas, wood-consuming households remain the most numerous insofar as the electric current is very unstable or unavailable. This is the finding that a survey carried out in the Kivu district, in the heart of the popular commune of Masina, has just confirmed. However, the socio-economic, health and environmental benefits of improved cookstoves no longer need to be demonstrated. Hence the interest in strengthening their popularization in the hope of changing the behavior of households because improved stoves constitute an appropriate technology and a real alternative to the careless management of the wood-energy sector in the city of Kinshasa, in the DRC.

Editeur : RECOSH

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