Titre : L’évaluation des politiques publiques comme créneau de recherche des «prix nobel 2019 d’économie» Quels enseignements institutionnels pour la RDC ?

Auteur (s) : Bobo B. Kabungu

Abstract :

The awarding of a Nobel Prize allows its holder to enjoy a notoriety that sheds a brighter light on his research or his activity. While several foreign media and numerous researchers have returned to the contribution of the 2019 winners in terms of scientific “discoveries” and/or their commitment to evaluation in the service of development, the subject did not hold as much attention. attention neither in the press nor in the specialized journals in the DRC. This reflection proposes to fill, however slightly, this informational deficit and to launch, in the arena of objectivity, the debate of ideas on the evaluation of the interventions of the public authorities. It should be mentioned that the analysis which had been launched at the time in a tabloid, in the form of a forum, attracted the attention of several readers and their reactions led to the deepening of the subject. The paper summarizes the profile of the laureates, dwells on the evaluation of public policies as a field of research, with a critical look at experimental methods, and leads to direct and indirect institutional lessons for the DRC.

Editeur : RECOSH

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